Your technical and environmental constraints are constantly changing. At HACER we consider these constraints to propose, co-design and implement the treatments that will make your difference.







Our experts analyse your problems and assist you for all your projects.

HACER provides you with a solid foundation made of over 60 years of experience. Together we will analyse specifications, customer standards and technical objectives. You will receive advice and proposals for appropriate solutions, even in the most complex cases. The strengths of our group at your service:

  • qualified metallurgists and chemists
  • experienced personnel
  • support - advice - recommendation - availability
  • search for cost-optimising solutions


Each site has its own autonomous and technological laboratory

Each skills centres are equipped with suitable equipment for inspection, validation and analysis of the treatments carried out. Our specialists carry out specific and complementary analyses on request:

  • salt spray
  • thermal shock in the furnace / ageing
  • adhesion tests
  • Fluo-X measurements (treatment thicknesses)
  • sections and micrographs
  • hardness measurements
  • automated microhardness measurements
  • eddy current measurements
  • special files (analysis reports - FAI-PPAP)


Optimising time is a common concern

We drive our own vehicles, and manage and transfer your parts from one site to another to provide global multi-processing service packages. We can also ensure final transport for other destinations in France or abroad through a solid network of dynamic and responsive partners
Premium service: saving you time with different options:

  • 3 production sites inform you of the availability of parts by e-mail or SMS
  • ensure the traceability of your parts as soon as they are received at the warehouse
  • to optimise the entire logistics chain, ensure additional operations
  • packaging: counting, packaging, labelling
  • individual inspections on request


Your emergencies are our priorities

We can manage prioritising an order on request, particular management of a flow or particular attention on a given batch.


Témoignages clients

Purchasingfor APEM

for APEM

For my first collaboration with Adplating's sales and technical teams, I was pleasantly surprised by their responsiveness, which I hope will lead to a promising future.
Group Manager Conception and Logisticsfor Groupe AXON

Group Manager Conception and Logistics
for Groupe AXON

We have been working with AD Plating for several years and are fully satisfied with their work and teams.
Replies to our requests (offers or planning) are always prompt and constructive.
The teams are very helpful when we need to develop a particular process or product.
It's also worth to highlight AD Plating's responsiveness and adaptability, whether to meet customer requirements or for urgent processing when needed.
Procurement coordinatorfor Schneider Electric

Procurement coordinator
for Schneider Electric

I wanted to thank you for the efficient handling of our emergencies in part plating.
Logisticsfor Leman Industrie

for Leman Industrie

A real big thank you to all of you for your responsiveness and cooperation, which enabled us to deliver our customer.
Surface Treatment & Specific Process Expertfor Schneider Electric

Surface Treatment & Specific Process Expert
for Schneider Electric

We really appreciated your professionalism and your commitment to quality, safety and health-protection of your employees.

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